All Saints, Iwade
All Saints, Iwade

Our great thanks go to KSSCRC (Kent, Surrey and Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company) for their help in clearing and maintaining our Church yard.

This scheme started on 10th April 2019 and is great way for us to help offenders pay back to the community for the crimes they have committed. This is unpaid work helps make the communities we live in a safe and better place to be.

Indian Evening

Friday 10th August 2018, we had an 'Indian Evening'. Lesley and Wayne Boast from St Marks Church Gillingham, spent some time in Bangalore India helping out some women and Children in the 'Red Light Area' there. They shared some of their expirences and photos and also supplied a curry meal for all 23 of us there. A collection was held and the proceeds are going to the 'Fishermen Trust'.

Dawn and I have lived in Iwade for just over eight years. We came here from Northern Ireland, on the invitation of Bishop Trevor to help grow the church in Iwade. During the past eight years there have been times of great joy and success, but there remains much unrealised potential. 
   We have made some good friends here and thankful to God for calling us to live and serve in Iwade. However, God has now called us to ‘pastures new’, well not exactly pastures, in early September we are moving to an urban community, Hackney in East London. 
I have been appointed as Lead Evangelist to establish a Centre of Mission (COM) in the Hackney Marsh Parish (yes HMP!), and also evangelism advisor to the Diocese of London. Over the next few months hopefully there will be opportunities to explain what that means and how God has called us to a very different setting. Thanks to all who have prayed, supported and encouraged us during our time in Iwade.


A word from the wardens
Obviously this came as a shock to us as well. We would like to give thanks to Stephen and Dawn for all they have done in the past eight years, they have really turned All Saints around.
Hackney Marsh Parish is going to be so different from that of Iwade!
So what now? As Stephen has said, they are not leaving until September so it will be ‘business as usual’ over the next three months. After then, Julian and Amanda will lead services occasionaly along with Pamela, Maria and myself. There may even be an interegnum but as it is early days, we can not say for sure at this moment what the structure will actually be.
We’d like to assure you there will be a service every week, Julian has confirmed we will still be able to have communion every month as he can bless the wine and biscuits, before they come over to Iwade. As wardens, Pamela and I will be able to serve this as normal.
This maybe a time of uncertaianty for some, however, as we are often reminded, “we are the Church” it is not a building or a person. All Saints prospered when Stephen came, he nutured it in to what it is now and it will continue to prosper.
I’m sure like us, you’ll want to give Stephen and Dawn you love, support and prayers.

Thanks to Andy Shilling for this great picture of our lovely Church. 27.02.18

Another great picture from Linda Irving.


At long last - we have got our shed installed!

Thanks to Steve at SK Gardening for constructing the base and for erecting and staining the shed.

'Its begining to look a lot Christmas' so the song says! Some of our decorations are up and our windows are soon to be dressed by members of the village. Photo's of these will soon appear along with those of our Christingle service on Sunday 3rd December 2017.

Our toilet fundraising has started! It is estimated our new toilet will cost in the region of £25,000 to be built. If you're feeling a bit 'flush!!!', why not drop some money into our envelolpes on the loo.

Many thanks for your help

Sunday 12th November was our Remembrance Service.

Stephen Plumb says, "I would like to thank all the Iwadians (170 of them), who attended the Remembrance Sunday service at All Saints Church. The children's uniformed organisations did a great job, thank you leaders. Thanks to those who took part in the service, those who read, spoke, the Brownies who knitted poppy wreaths, the pupils of Iwade School who wrote thank you's and prayers, attached to helium balloons for our service personnel. Those who had served or are currently serving in the Armed forces who wore uniform and medals, especially Sgt Ashley Longden, Phillip Harrison and Tony Trower. Thanks also to Swale Cllr James Hunt who laid a wreath.
There was one extra special unexpected guest, Richard Shrubsall, the son of one of the named Iwade World War 2 heroes Leonard Richard Shrubsall. Thanks again to everyone for making this such a memorable occasion".

See a selection of photo's below

Friday 20th October 2017

After a lot of deliberation and consultation with the Diocese of Canterbury, it was agreed that our organ was to be removed as it had not been used for some considerable time. The good news is that it has now gone to a Church on the Devon / Somerset border where it was originaly made.

Through various fund raising schemes and donations, we will soon be having an electric piano / keyboard installed, which we hope will enable more people to make use of it as playing an organ is quite different to playing a keyboard (so I'm told!!).

Sunday October 1st 2017 was our Harvest Service. The Church had been decorated beautifully by Pamela Horner with all types of fruit, vegetables and flowers. We even had a special 'Harvest Loaf' made for us by Morrisons in Sittingbourne. The Church and village folk brought a great supply of food and toiletries which are going to Sittingbourne Foodbank.

Thanks to all for their kind donations.

Cheese and Wine Evening

On Saturday 30th September, we hosted a Cheese and Wine evening at the newley refurbished Barn, a lovely time was had by over 20 people. The evening was organised by Pamela Horner, Sandra Wilkinson and Dawn Plumb. Graeme Horner was Maitre d' with some fine wines and a rather dodgy 'food quiz'!


We are pleased to say that we have been gifted with a kind donation of a Votive candle in memory of Daisy and Herbert Field as shown below.

Our Church is open daily so if you would like to light a candle in memory of a loved one, please come in and have some quiet time.

As you may know, Stephen Plumb was 'Priested' on Saturday 1st July at Canterbury Cathedral, a great thing not only for Stephen but also for All Saints Church here in Iwade. At the service on 2nd July, Stephen was given a gift of a purple stole to go with his red and green ones. 
Maria Downes 'interviewed' him about his special day. Some of you may also know Amanda Lane who is in 'The SIx' benefice with Iwade Church, she was also Priested. 

Iwade DID Sing on Sunday 18th June!

We had another great concert with the newly formed childrens choir who were fantastic - well done to them. The choir are having a well earned break over the summer and will be returning in September, with no doubt more concerts to follow.
Kelvin Rivers-Simpson (below) and his granddaughter did a great rendition of ‘there’s a hole in my bucket’.

Great news for Iwade!

Rev. Capt. Stephen Plumb is being ‘Priested’ on Saturday 1st July at 5pm at Canterbury Cathedral. This means he will now be able to conduct wedding services at All Saints and other churches across our benefice, in addition he will be the ‘celebrant’ at communion services.


... NEWS...

A special service today at All Saints Church. We celebrated Pamela and Graeme Horner's 50 wedding anniversary with them. Fizz, flowers and cake were all on hand for us to enjoy. Pamela is one of our Wardens and Graeme contributes greatly to the work of our Church. We wish them both lots of love and happiness. 


Our carpet is down on the rear platform.

This enlarged open space allows us to use the space more effectively. 

The picture below shows it being used for a crochet day (one of many groups!)


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