All Saints, Iwade
All Saints, Iwade

Wow! What a find

Our great thanks go to Veda Williams. She recently showed us 'The Sunday Stamp Album' which belongs to her brother. It is a record of attendance at All Saints Church some 57 years ago! There were 61 stamps to collect (not sure how that works with 52 weeks in a year - anyone know?) which each had a message on, i.e. Advent 1: The Lord hath need of them. As the booklet has been closed for so long, the colours are still fantastically bright.

I love the inscription on page 2, 'Every stamp says duty done, Every blank cries shame'. 'Finish what you have begun in the Saviour's name'.

Veda has kindly given me permission to share this with you, if you would like to look at it 'in person', please contact Warden Nigel Downes. Enjoy the photos.


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